Sunburn, weddings and photography


So, tonight begins the weekend wedding saga of my uncle Nick and his wife-to-be Karen. I’m excited, nervous and looking forward to dressing up. I am their designated photographer and I must say I’m a little nervous. I have no doubt that I will get them awesome photos and totally do them justice but it is thr doing it in front of all those people that makes me feel a little apprehensive. I’ve done weddings before but you don’t know anyone you are there as the tog and you are expected to be walking around snapping away. For this I’m a sort of photographer / guest hybid so I’ll be hovering oddly around snapping pictures. I feel like I may miss out on actually enjoying myself because I’ll be waiting for ‘that shot’. That’s probably not the case but I’ve got pre-shoot jitters. It’ll be fine, I’ll be brilliant.


So you’ll want to know about my outfits, well, naturally I will be posting photos. However, just so you know:

For the shoot / morning / ceremony / breakfast – Blue Monsoon dress, leggings, flat black shoes from office. Simple, easy to move in and compliments my camera.

For the evening / drinking / reception – Black and while polka dot Vivienne of Holloway swing dress, black tights, Christian Louboutin shoes (with flats on hand for dancing)

Ben probs won’t dance but Fiona will (I hope she stays in her pretty whale bone dress so I’m not the only boney one… It’s not /that/ uncomfortable if you stand up, right. Damn designer dress. Although now I’ve lost some weight I may not hav the pokey, pokey issue,) I’m ready for dancing! To show off the full ciurcle twirliness of the designer awesome.


I was thinking about the whole emu oil thing and Nick and Karen going to the Maldives for their honeymoon (jealousmuch). I’ve got them some lavender emu oil to take with them. Ben’s mum used the pure stuff and said it turned her burn straight into tan. Great but the Maldives is going to be hellahot so the pure stuff is going to melt, very, very quickly. The lavender stuff is more of a cream so less greasy, doesn’t liquefy and contains lavender. I don’t know if you know but lavender is perfect for soothing sunburn as it is very cooling. Paired with moisturising properties of the emu oil that is in it you are very unlikely to peel. Plus it feels so good if you pop it in the fridge for a little while before using.

I also wrote an article on dealing with sunburn. Check it out – home remedies, emu oil etc


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